Band of the Week: Hawas: An alternative neo pop band


Hawas is an Egyptian independent “alternative Neo pop band” from Cairo. The seven members band was formed after 2013.  Hawas in Arabic ه – و –س  means something like “foolishness, craziness, madness or dreaminess”. They performed concerts at locations such as Room Arts Space & Café in Garden City or the Sakia Cultural Wheel in Zamalek.



The members are:

Mahmoud Maher ElKhateeb (Lead Voacl)
Marwan Fawzi (Accordion & Midi Controller)
Amir Rasmy (Keyboards)
Hisham Anas (Lute)
Elmoataz Bellah Moussa (Lead Guitar)
Mahmoud Waly (Bass Guitar)
Jesse Theophilus (Drums)
Bouda Abu El Yazeed (percussions)

Noor El Deen
Haitham Dabbour
Fahd Ibrahim

They are merging different music genres and it is not easy to define it. They are mixing folk, indie, alternative with Jazz elements and their own experiences with music. Every member of this band derives from a different music background which is reflected in their sound. They have a growing fan base which is indicated by their facebook page (over 10,000 likes). They are mostly creating new lyrics but they  did a special song cover of John Lennon’s Imagine which they translated to Arabic.

They write on their facebook page about this song the following:

For Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, France, Kenya, Mali, for any place we call earth or home , even in our imagination . . . . for all of us , for the human being, for the dream“
„If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there’d be peace \ All we are saying is give peace a chance \ Everything is clearer when you’re in love \ All you need is love „

But they are not only covering this song, they are using their own unique sound and the Arabic language to make this cover a special cover which is different from the rest of John Lennons covers. Their other songs are never the same and sound very different from each other such as بحاول  (I keep trying) is a slow tempo song where the voice of Mahmoud Maher ElKhateeb is at the focus of the song. In the song الراوي  (The Narrator) they are using an Accordion which is emerging next to the guitar player Elmoataz Bellah Moussa in order to tell a story and is quite different than بحاول.

They are describing their musical experiences on Soundcloud as follows:

 „We sure love Jazz and appreciate roots and Folk from around the world but one more thing for sure; we always tend to sit in front of a calm sea and melt all of that in one hell of a music drink!“

This is the video of their first live performance at the Sakia Cultural Wheel:

The tracklist on their soundcloud page:

  1. تخيل
  2. ساعات
  3. بجري
  4. ملاذ
  5. حكاية الأمير
  6. الرواي
  7. يا حلو صبح
  8. هوس
  9. بحاول
  10. يجوز
  11. العقد الرابطة
  12. طال السهر




MidEast Tunes: 


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