ZigZag:Blending different sounds together



On a not so warm January afternoon I made my way to Zamalek to listen to a band that has a curious name. I found my way to the venue which was even more curious. It was an antique shop transformed in a cafe/restaurant. When you think of progressive rock, an antique shop would probably not be the first choice but it worked surprisingly well. Antique Khana the little transformed cafe is a small venue – quite cosy which is perfect for a cold january winter evening to listen to some good progressive rock.

After I found my way to Antique Khan which is located on Brazil Str. near Nola which makes by the way delicious sweets, Zigzag were still rehearsing when I entered. The singer/bassist was not yet around, only the guitarist, the pianist and the drumer were tucked in the small room.
The band consists of four members: Diaa M.-Elhosary (Bass/Vocals), Adham Deraz (Drummer/Backing Vocals), Mahmoud Wail “Mstk” (Keyboard/Backing Vocals), Bishoy George (Guitars). They seem to be quite young, maybe not older than 25. They are calling themselves a progressive/psychedelic rock band and where introducing their new album (and first?) to the audience. Around 20 people were present and ready to listen to some progressive pyschedelic rock. They have been around since 2013.


They played for around one and a half hour. Some of them were with lyrics and a bigger part was instrumental in which the guitarist took most of the time the lead although the pianist started later on to take the lead as well. Sometimes they sounded a bit like Porcupine Tree, sometimes they sounded like Pink Floyd. At the end of the concert they covered Comfortably Numb (I think, at least the song sounded like it) which is an indication that they really like Pink Floyd.


One of their original songs is called عيون (Eyes) in which the singer asks هل انت ايضا اعمى؟ (are you blind?)

It will be interesting to see where this band is headed next. There seems to be many influences involved and they cannot be only strictly attributed to progressive psychedelic rock. There are many genres involved and sometimes it even sounded a bit jazzy and funky. After a five month hiatus it is nice to see that this band is active again – in the hope that the material they played will be uploaded soon on soundcloud.


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