Kayan:The Resistance for whatever you resist for



Grunge has been heard now for at least over 30 years. It has its roots in Seattle, USA and is therefore sometimes called Seattle Sound. Bands such as Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam are famous in the grunge scene and helped this genre to pave the way into to the mainstream scene. In Egypt Grunge is still not widley spread but is gaining slowly more popularity with new emerging bands that combine rock music with their own political and social context.

Kayan Band

Kayan, a Cairo based band is trying to merge different genres such as Grunge and Punk Rock with their own political and social context in which they are living in and this is especially reflected in their lyrics. The four members of their band met each other at different talent shows and in the underground scene of which they are all part of. Sherif El-Shazly (Lead Vocals), Mohamed Samir (Guitars), Mohamed Salem (Bass Guitar) and Adham Nassef (Drums) are currently the heart of Kayan. They were established in 2007/2008 and was one of the few Egyptian bands who used their native language as their main language in which they sung. The combination of using arabic and rock music such as grunge has been an ongoing process in recent years and Kayan is such a band. They released so far two Albums on soundcloud and released them as a physical CD as well although this is not common for such bands in Egypt.

Most of these bands don’t have the space to perform their music live and therefore divert to online platforms as Pesha Maged argues in her Mada Masr article about Metalbands in Egypt.

Nevertheless Kayan has been busy in promoting their new Album Bil-Damm (With Blood) which was released in 2014 and were performing last year in different venues such as at Room Arts Space and Cafe.#

In this song they are singing about different political and social issues without specifically naming a concret issue.

To those who rule in the shadows

Waiting for the one-eyed creature to give his order

They wage war over those who refused oppression

Tell them you know only life among those who are free.

Sometimes they sound like a combination of Pearl Jam, Alice and Chains while still being honest to their own music background and context. Their main goal is to spread the Rock music spirit all around the world and to change the image about Arab culture with their music. Their latest Album With Blood includes eight songs and each of it has a different sound. The main message of their band is: “The Resistance for whatever you resist for”.  Through various perspectives and angles they are addressing diffeent issues that the Egyptian youth is concerned about and this is reflected in most of their songs. Their Facebook Page currently shows more than 25,000 Likes and their Fanbase is growing every day while staying true to their music and their message.






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