Playlist: March 2016

A new month, a new playlist full of new material by some of my personal favorites! Ta7t El-Sefr released earlier in February a new song from their very first song called Mateegy Nemshy which I currently am translating and will upload the translation as soon as it is done. Singer Cherine Amr, front singer of Massive Scar Era is doing her own stuff and called her song Tarek Gedeed (A new Way), which is kind of fitting.  Hawas is represented with a different song again. Egoz is currently in the process of producing their new album as well and just released their new single a couple of days ago called Bedaya (Beginning). It seems that a lot of new stuff will come in the next couple of months. But this playlist does not include musical stuff from Egypt but from Lebanon (Zeid Hamdan, Safar Barlik), Turkey (Senceylik), Jordan (Akher Zapheer, Jadal, Autostrad), Iran (Faarjam) and Pakistan (Acetheband).



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