MidEast Tunes: „The ultimate platform“

If you want to delve deeper into the independent scene of Egypt or other countries, there are several tools available on the internet. Before my arrival in Egypt, in the first weeks where I started to get into the independent scene I found very fast a resourcful tool which would help me to discover bands from countries which would other wise would not be easy for me to find out.

There are several platforms that are devoted to the underground and independent scene of the Middle East. One of them is Middle East Tunes in short MidEast Tunes.


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Its slogan is „Music for Social Change“ and they are hosting a number of bands from several countries, not only Egypt. A big part of their hosted bands are for example from Iran, Tunisia, or Lebanon but they are hosting bands who are currently living abroad as well. Their main objectives is:

„is to bridge barriers of faith and geography to unite people committed to fostering constructive discourse in the region through music. The core of the project manifested from our desire to promote bands and musicians that would otherwise never be given a second glance in the international scene. We feel that is because most people would never think to look to regions like the Middle East and North Africa for highly thought provoking music. The need to change that is our driving force.“


This platform was originally created in Bahrain, 2010.


They are hosting for now 1713 bands which cover 8983 tracks. If you select an artist or a band, an info box appears with the option of selecting some songs that are listed on MidEast Tunes. In addition to their songs, you are able to read informations about the selected band or you can go further to their facebook and soundcloud page. You can get an account or you can use it without registering. You can create playlists, and save the bands that you listened previously. It has its own radio and have podcast about the independent scene as well. On their blog they are writing about current developments, have interviews with bands and artists from different countries such as Hello Psychaleppo who turned „electronic music into an Arab Phenomenon.“ Esra’a Al-Shafei, the founder of MidEast Tunes said in a recent interview that We believe music can change the world and that the musicians of the Middle East and North Africa will lead the way.”

Facebook Page: Currently 105,261 Likes




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