Za’ed Na’es: Stretching The Limits


Jordanian band Za’ed Na’es (Plus Minus) recently performed at the Festival Musique et Arts Ephemere in Tunisia. The three members band are constantly changing and evolving their musical soundscape while creating a platform to connect with other musicians around the Middle East. The band has started to be an integral part of the underground/alternative scene in Jordan.


“(+-) is the way we create our music, always looking forward to evolving it and we wouldn’t mind any change, addition or subtraction to it. Music got us all together and each of us had music in him since childhood.”

This is what Za’ed Na’es stands for. Za’ed Na’es was established in 2013 in Amman  by Ammar Urabi (Drums&Percussions), Amjad Shahrour (Bass, Guitar & Vocals) and Basel Naouri (Trumpet & Synth/Keys). Their aim is not only playing music together but to create “a platform for creating audio/visual productions. Collaborating with many artists, the band aims to stretch the limits of what music is about”. Most recently they collaborated with Egyptian singer songwriter Maii Waleed with their song called The System.

Creating a soundscape that is imagined through various layers of different styles, ranging somewhere between electronic sounds and trip hop elements, Maii Waleed sings while strechting the limits of the soundsystem they are creating.

Come imprison me and see where I will leave…No where…/A child is fighting…you and me/I am free 

Their music ranges between different layers of electronic beats and sounds creating a strange dream like soundscape that reminds you sometimes of the duo band S U R V I V E. At other times, they sound more like an indie band combined with electronic elements without comparing them to any specific group for example like the song Shatteit.

Trying to describe their sound, Za’ed Na’es writes:


“Music is a large world. It is not a world that we think can be intercepted by being limited and conservative. Experiments with sound, musical instruments, musical taste and style is what we naturally strive for…We feel our music to be: dense, meditative and cinematic.”


Ranging from initial ideas and jamming together with friends, having fun and messing around with music, they create new songs and soundscapes that are to be heard on their soundcloud page. “When we feel a connection we try our best to improve it and move forward with it.” They collaborated with Muhammad Abdullah (El-Morabba3) in a song called 3onsor Falat (Fugitive Element) combining rock with layers of electronic sounds with the addition of Muhammad Abdullah’s hypnotic voice, singing

I am formed of shallow thoughts/ and all sorts of racism/I am just a FUGITIVE ELEMENT/away from restraints, I am away from restraints,….

Their songs are expressing manifold issues concerning various ideas and expressions, talking about feelings, sensations, social matters, various conflicts, any aspects that affect each others‘ lives.

Evolving each day by making music, their focus is for the time being on live shows, working with other musicians in the region and working on their next EP which is planned to be released later this year or early next year. While asking wether music could be a tool for people to give hope Za’ed Na’es replies:

“music has always triggered social change and unfortunatley, in this country and region we need a lot of it nowadays. Music is sometimes more expressive than words, body movement and could be a unified language perceived by all.”

It is expected that we hear a lot of new material in the near future of Za’ed Na’es.

Click here for their Facebook Page.

Click here for their Soundcloud Page.





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