Playing Lebanese Rock… Meen

Meen (Who?) is a Lebanese Band established in 2006 by Toni and Fouad Yammine creating catchy and light songs without loosing their complexity. This year marks their 10th anniversary since they recorded the first song under the name Meen. A new Album is on the way called Shoot Me with the Kalaschnikow.


The band’s name Meen originated from a kind of a joke which goes like this: While listening to a song, someone asked who sings the song, Meen (Who)? Another reason was that Meen is part of the surname of Toni and Fouad. Therefore they decided to call the band Meen. Current Members are Ralf Choueiri, Makram Aboul Husn Bernard, Najm Joe Hammam, Toni Yammine and Fouad Yammine.

Toni Yammine started doing music when he was 17. He always wanted to play the guitar and because there was no internet at that time, he got all the books he could get and started to research, tried out different techniques, and expanded his knowledge learning various chords and riffs.

When they first started doing music, their songs were in English. It was only later that they realized they wanted to do songs in Arabic, which they found fell more natural for them. Their music is mainly inspired by western rock, and its influences can be found within the rock family, mainly classic rock, and blues, although they are mixing other genres and sounds within their songs as well. In their new Album which will be released soon you will find a reggae song because Meen is always inventing itself and are never staying the same.

Since Meen first played their songs in 2006, two big changes occured within the independent scene in Beirut according to Toni’s opinion. One aspect is that, Meen was one of the few bands that choose to sing in Arabic and not in English and the other aspect is that the shift started from covering songs to playing original songs.


They define their music as  “Lebanese Rock”, which they characterize as catchy and light. Their music seems not to be very complicated and the arrangements simple, when you first listen to it. It is both simple and difficult at the same time because when you decide to compose similar songs, you come to realize that they are actually hard to be created.

They are great fans of the Beatles, Green and Iron Maiden. Nevertheless they also appreciate Fairouz, Souad Massi and others. Their new Album has the same style, says Toni.

“It’s still a Meen Album, although we worked harder on recording the album, we worked more on the details and it is a bit different from the other albums.”

There will be sarcastic and serious songs combining all the things that the Band wants to address. One song is called On my Pillow, and it is about dreams, and all the phantasies you have while you are dreaming.  Although their songs have a saracastic tone, they address various issues, sometimes political and social issues but in Toni’s view that is not their main mission. Their main aim is that:

Songs should be entertaining, Our music is to create entertainment.

The new Album will get a limited physical release and will be available later on Youtube and Soundcloud.



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