Playlist for October: Songs from Lebanon

In a recent article Beirut Sounds Like This written by Lina Mounzer, she writes about the  independent music scene of the city. In her article she mentions artists such as Zeid Hamdan, Mashrou3 Leila and others and writes that „There is no account of the contemporary Beirut alternative music scene that doesn’t begin with Soap Kills“.

While it has been more than ten years since Soap Kills emerged, a lot of musicians and bands are shaping the current music scene, both singing in English and more regularly in Arabic. The new Playlist for October contains new and old songs by Sandmoon, Postcards, Etyen, Tania Saleh and of course Soap Kills. While listening, I recommend to read the very good article by Mounzer. On describing what this music sound like, she writes that:

„It’s tempting to describe a lot of the music coming out of Beirut as a type of fusion between “Western” and “Arab/Oriental” sounds. But that’s a lazy shortcut more focused on maintaining binaries rather than acknowledging their utter meaninglessness, particularly for a postwar generation hyper-aware of its Arab roots and the Western influences that have long been part of the city’s urban fabric, and more importantly, a generation making conscious choices about how to mix elements from the various cultures it identifies with.“




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