Expanding the Sound: El Morabba3’s Taraf al-Khait

Early September El-Morabba3 released the second Album which frames their new sound and creates new layers around their established soundscape. Taraf Al Khait which translates to Tip of the Thread takes their sound to new dimensions while staying true to their own sound.


It has been four years since El Morabba3 released their self-titled debut album. Since then, they established themselves as one of the few post-rock bands in the region, shaping the independent scene by creating a unique soundscape. Taraf Al Khait (Tip of the Threat) is the logical next step to their debut where they established their unique progressive sound, in addition with the voice of Muhammad Abdullah which could be seen as an instrument on it’s own.

In Taraf al-Khait they further developed their sound, after experimenting with different sounds and instruments for four years. Adding new layers to each of their songs, they used more electronic sounds in order to expand the music. In this sense, Muhammad Abdullah said that “We experimented more with electronic sounds using synths and electronic beats which I think give us more space to expand our sound and build more layers. It is like a big playground with many options.” One of the songs that stands out in the album is Shiber Maii which plays with different electronic sounds creating one layer after another using the voice of Abdullah as an instrument and through this, they build up a clompex system of sounds.

There are other songs which clearly relate to the soundscape established in their debut album such as El Bath El Haii (Live Streaming) using the instruments and the voice of Abdullah in a more subtle way while refraining themselves from using to many electronic sounds. As Abdullah explains, they are using different instrumentation in various tracks such as strings section and trumpets combined with electronic sounds but El Bath El Haii is an example that the ambient/post-Rock sound is still omnipresent on the second album. Most of the songs are very melancholy and dream-like  which makes you delve more into each and every song of the album. Each of the song in Taraf al-Khait is unique in the sense, that every song has a different sound to it, and while listening to the album in whole, you kind of sense a thread that ties the songs together into a whole.


Concerning the album Abdullah said that “We wanted to take it all the way with experimenting, knowing that it’s risky but we enjoy challenging ourselves and keep pushing the boundaries.” The boundaries have been pushed in Taraf al-Khait making it a challenge for the listener, to understand all the meanings of the songs while you are listening to it. It is not an easy album which you can listen “while you are doing something else”, it does take time to evolve and with each listening you find something beautiful new about the record.

The lyrics are somewhat a continuation of the debut album addressing various social, and political issues combined with the personal and individual experiences that El-Morabba3 made in the past few years. As Abdullah explained “We can never detach ourselves from the political issues and the current struggle in the region, because in one way or another we are part of it, and so is the second album influenced by this situation.”


Even though the second album has no specific concept as a whole, each of the song represents an array of issues that is of importance to the band, and as Abdullah said, that “each track has its own mood, tackling different political, social, and religious issues.” El-Mokhtalifeen (The Different Ones) was the first single of the new album, which was released almost a year ago, introducing the listener to the new sound which would be a part of Taraf al-Khait.


With the release of Taraf al-Khait El Morabba3 established themselves further as one of the definite post-rock bands, not only within Jordan, but within the whole Region. Even though, they have already pushed the boundaries with the release of Taraf al-Khait, it will be interesting to see where El Morabba3  is heading next and there is hope that they will keep pushing the boundaries, and creating more unique songs and albums in the future.

Taraf al-Khait is available at Vevo, Soundcloud, Spotify, Amazon, Itunes and others.


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