Between Genres and Sounds, 10 Albums from 2016

It was an exciting year for the music scene. New musicians presented their music for the first time to the audience while other bands and musicians evolved and kept reinventing themselves with new releases. These are some of the albums released in 2016.

1.Rayess Bek – Love and Revenge

Love and Revenge is reimagining songs from cult Egyptian films and Arabic pop songs and give them a new touch through the sound of Wael Koudaih (Rayess Bek). In this album he collaborated with Randa Mirza with Mehdi Haddab (Electric Oud) and Julien Perraudeau (Keyboards).

2. Sandmoon -#InTheEnd

Sandmoon is the brainchild of Sandra Arslanian and has released this summer the latest EP #InTheEnd. Project Revolver described the EP as “ an organic orchestration of voice and instrument, presenting listeners with five very different songs which combine to tell the story of a flower child, a ghost, and a gypsy.”

3. Ta7t El-Sefr – Self-Titled Debut Album

Cairo based band Ta7t El-Sefr released earlier this year their first album on Soundcloud, creating a musical story and journey with some Pink Floyd vibes.

4. Khayal – Awel wa Mish Akher Marra

Another Cairo based band Khayal released their debut album Awel wa Mish Akher Marra, they are one of Egypt’s Arabic rock underground bands emerged in 2013.

5. Alif – Aynama Rtama

According to their Facebook Page “Alif is the collective sound of five musicians at the forefront of independent music in the Arab world. Bursting with rhythmic drive and fervour, the band’s wide ranging influences along with their unified and intriguing energy, give birth to a soundscape that is at once familiar and unknown. You can read the Album review here.

6. El-Morabba3 – Taraf Al-Khait

El-Morabba3’s second album was released in September. Evolving the soundscape of the band by adding more multi-dimensional sounds, Taraf al-Khait is an important step for the band.

7.  Jadal – Malyon

Another Jordanian band, Jadal released already the third Album Malyon. Jadal successfully continues to create new rock melodies and lyrics.

8. The Great Departed – La Bombe

Lebanon’s band The Great Departed (al-Rahel al-Kabir)  recently released their first Album “La Bombe”.

9. Meen – Rishineh Bel Kalash

Meen from Lebanon celebrated their 10th anniversary with the release of the new album Rishneh Bel Kalash, jumping between different genres.

10. Rami Abadir – 14122012

Rami Abadir, an electronic artist from Cairo on his new Album: “After one year of exploring and experimenting, I came up with 14122012, an album inspired from different moments of the last couple of years which I decided to translate into layers of sounds. Each track title is relevant to a specific code expressing a personal journey that I’d like to share with the listeners, letting them make their own interpretations.”, You can read an interview with Rami Abadir here.


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