Bomrani: Leaving and Passing By

Since 2008 Bomrani played in Tehran enriching the scene with their music. This January they released a new album called „Leaving and Passing By“.


More than eight years ago, after Behzad Omrani, lead singer and rhythm guitar, already had performed solo music, the idea of Bomrani emerged in Tehran, where a small community of independent musicians are working and where all know each other. “The scene is very much intertwined” say the band members. The band used Tehran as their main center, for developing music and playing concerts, although some of the band members are coming from Isfahan, Ahwaz and Abadan. Behzad Omrani decided to take the name Bomrani because it is a combination of his first- and surname. In the beginning there were different players and the group broke up after a while. Behzad left Iran and after he had come back a cafe opened up near Arash Omrani’s (Keyboard) home. “We had a little gig at the cafe and this was the first concert. Seventy people attended the concert but it was only a cafe, and most of them were people we know or were friends of ours.”, remembers one of the band members. Since this performance they have frequently played in and around Tehran.

Last year they performed for the first time in Germany. In Berlin, playing at Circus Charivari, they performed in a more unusual place but it fits their music, which they described themselves sometimes as “Circus Music”. At first the audience needed to get used to the music and the language but after the third song, more and more people arrived at the scene and started to dance to the songs. The tent was full of people and outside even more people came to listen to the band who performed for the first time outside of Iran. “The difference between the concert back in Tehran and now in Berlin is the energy of the audience. Usually the audience tends to sit during the concert and it surprised us a lot that the people in the tent started to dance and jump around. We loved it.” explains the band.

This kind of experience was new to the band,  “Usually our concerts are not very big, we had around thirty or fourty concerts with the band in Iran although most of the audience were our age who attended the concert. The vibe during the gig was very different from the one here in Berlin. We were amazed how not only the young but older people as well started to jump and dance around to our music.”

In the music scene in which Bomrani finds themselves, it is not very easy for them to find suitable venues to play this music. In the past they played in cafes and although their expectations are becoming higher with each development, they have a hard time to find suitable venues in Tehran. “We are inspired very much by the music that we are listening to. In the past we listened very much to music like Rock N’ Roll, Blues and Country music, but with time our music changed a lot and a lot of influences are now coming from Balkan and European music, for example we like Gogol Bordello a lot right now” says Jahanyar Qorbani, the guitarist of Bomrani.

In contrast to traditional music, the band members acknowledge that “traditional music has its own music, you have to bring some Persian instruments but we use other instruments that are not common in our tradition.”

Usually while writing a song, it starts with a concept or an idea for a song with a melody and it develops from there. The songs in „Common Vent“ vary because of feelings, experiences and thoughts the members of the band have experienced.


Trying to explain what the new album is about the band explains that “The new album has not a whole concept – each of the tracks are a concept on its own. The context on which the album pivots is about sadness, loneliness and solitude. The album was recorded in winter and this also has affected the theme of the album.” The band is composing the songs all together. The beginning starts with an idea, with a concept, with a chord or a progression and than they start to develop the song together.


Coming to Berlin was a very important step for the band. The reason they played in a different venue such as the circus was because they had the right connections and knew the people at Charivari.

The main aim of the band is to continue to make the music they want to. This Album is really important to them because they want to try and be more popular in the future than until now, not in the music, but with the lyrics. They are doing personal songs, that reflect their own life. They want to expand their music, and their experiences.  Even though they face difficulties because of the lack of finding the right studio, financial uncertainties, and the right venues – their aim is to continue their music as long as they are able to do it.



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