Youssra El Hawary: No’oum Nasyeen

Youssra El Hawary’s debut album No’oum Nasyeen is a journey through her musical past and present.


No’oum Nasyeen was released this December after a crowdfunding campaign that initiated a lot of attention for 34-year-old Youssra El Hawary’s debut album. Entitled #Betheproducer, the crowdfunding campaign was essential to make the album a reality, and with a devoted and loyal fan base that El Hawary acquired over the past five years, the campaign resulted in the release of this album. One of the reasons why she decided on the campaign was, that the:

„decision to crowd-fund also stems from our firm belief that artists have the right to present their work freely, without being restricted or tied down by a commercial entity.“

During this video, artists like Dina El Wedidi, or Amir Eid from Cairokee and band members of Massar Egbari acknowledged the importance of such music, and the need for making this kind of music available. During the process of making the album, the band made sure that each of those who contributed to the crowdfunding campaign would get updates on the progress of the album.


Photo Credit: Abdelrahman Elkomy

In addition of releasing the album online, the album is available as a physical cd as well. Concerning the physical album, it was accompanied by eleven post cards made by visual artists. It was the first time that Youssra El Hawary worked together with Adham Zeidan who is in charge of the music production and mixing. Concerning Zeidan, they write on the website that:

„The passion Zeidan showed for the work drove him to accumulate a deeper understanding of the music to help develop it without compromising its soul and essence, thereby producing it in the best form possible.“


El Hawary together with Shadi El Hosseiny, Sedky Sakhr, Carl Capelle, Yamen El Gamal and Mohamed Emad created an intimate, sentimental, yet playful and hopeful music. No’oum Nasyeen consists of eleven songs. The first single Bas Kollo Yehoon is a catchy, playful song reminiscent of Youssra El Hawary’s earlier songs.

Combining mostly Blues, and French accordion music with traces of other related genres, the album is very honest and stays true to the sound of the artist. Each song is very complex and depicted with a lot of detail. Some are slow, some are hip, and funky, but it is clear that No’oum Nasyeen is a step forward for Youssra El Hawary and her band. Two of the songs were written by El Hawary herself, the lyrics of the other songs were written by poets. One song is instrumental.

One of those songs written by El Hawary is called Jessica. The song gives a refreshing touch to the album. It addresses the different musical styles depicted in the album, between the funky-folk and blues styles found in her music.

my lover swear that he does not love Jessica
he needs some time to consider if he can be far away from Jessica
he is going out with Jessica at morning and night
when he talks to me he talks about Jessica
don’t blame you my lover, even I loved Jessica


No’oum Nasyeen, which translates into Forgetful, We Rise is a new direction for Youssra El Hawary and her band, combining her musical past with the present. The album adds new layers into her already established sound, and is in a sense a new beginning, taking us on a hopefully long journey.

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