Imarhan: On The New Album Temet

Tamanrasset is an oasis city located in Southern Algeria and it is the hometown of the band Imarhan who released a new album this February via City Slang, an independent record label based in Berlin.


Two years have passed since they released the debut album. Now in February 2018 they released the second album called Temet. They sing in Tamashek which is the language of the Tuareg. The genre is called Kel Tamashek, Desert Groove and Assuf New Experience. Imarhan belongs to a new generation of this music, and brings this kind of music to a younger audience. In an interview with The Quietus Iyad Moussa Ben Abderahmane aka Sadam explains that:

„Compared to other bands, as the new generation, we have been adding more modern elements that could come from rock or funk or any other kind of influences that will transcend the Tuareg music. We make music for the younger generation. And you can see that in our clothes. We don’t wear traditional clothes. We wear the clothes we wear in Tamanrasset every day. So the music and the style represent our generation.“


The current members of Imarhan are Iyad Moussa Ben Abderahmane aka „Sadam“ (Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar Claps), Taher Khaldi (Bass Background, Vocals Klaps), Hicham Bouhasse (Percussions Guitars Background Vocals), Abdelkader Ourzig (Guitars Background, Vocals Claps), and Haiballah Akhamouk (Percussions Background, Vocals). The new album was recorded on February 13 through 21st 2017 at WPP Studios Paris. Temet consists of ten songs which includes all the sounds, rhythmic and melodic patterns which they have established on their debut album but with Temet they took it a step further and established their own character. While there are definitely some rock, bluesy and funk styles included in the album, it has a very distinct sound demonstrating their own signature, only taking the things they need and which they then make their own. Their lyrics are ranging between personal and political songs.



This evening I ruminate on the why of all that, why are we in this situation? how come we cannot achieve unity? (Translated into English by Andy Morgan)

In the first single of Temet which was released back in January, you are already able to hear the new style of the album, exploring new types of guitar riffs and rhythms. It is a very powerful, yet sometimes intimate album for the five guys from Tamanrasset who are currently touring through Europe and have scheduled a tour coming up in the US.




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