Albaitil Ashwai’s debut album „Nuun“ is released via Mostakell

Amman-based band Albaitil Ashwai released the debut album called Nuun on April 6, 2018 via Mostakell Records and is available on Spotify, Anghami and other platforms.


Mothanna Hussein (Artwork)

On Mostakell’s website the album Nuun is described as „an amalgamation of Arabic sounds intertwined with contemporary rock elements that are a perfect reflection of the band’s new-generation Ammani identity. Sufi inspired lyrics weave through often dark haunting melodies, countered with psychedelic rock guitar riffs and stabs of reggae, all smoothly blended into well-rounded compositions and instrumental arrangements. In their debut full length album, Albaitil Ashwai deliver a pristine sound, ladled with questions and thoughts that go through the mind of a wondering human who has reached enlightenment. And through Nuun, they take you on a fluid journey, ebbing between contrasting energetic tracks and soothing, trance-inducing music that is decorated with Arabic rhythms.“

The band is comprised of Qais Raja (Composer/Writer,guitar,vocals), Feras Arrabi (Guitar), Nairouz Ajlouni (Bass Guitar,Synth), Qased Ihsan (accordion), Saif Abu Hamdan (Drums) and Awad Awad (percussion’s). The ten songs display the ambitous sound they have developed in recent years and have expanded it further since their first EP release a couple of years back. Some of the songs have been already featured on the EP but the new songs have clearly the band’s signature.

They have already gained some attention and reviews. Scenenoise writer Nihal El Aasar wrote for example that:

„The band’s self-assuredness is showcased in the album’s length. Nuun’s 10 tracks convey maturity for a debut album, and succeeds in creating a sense of cohesion. The songs manage to simultaneously rely on each other while still retaining their independence.“

A French website wrote that the band „redefines the identity of Jordanian Arabic rock music“ and the Cairo based website Ma3azef have published the review about Nuun on the same day of it’s release.

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