„Gizzmo“: Finding a Common Ground

Gizzmo released their first EP System Failure via Fantôme de Nuit Records from Beirut. System Failure is the starting point for the band in which they experiment with different sounds and genres.


Back in 2015, Alex Chahine (Keyboards/Synthesiser/Vocals) met his fellow band members and they decided to become the band which is now known as Gizzmo. Joy Moughanni (Guitar/Drum Machine/Vocals), Camilio El Khoury (Low Frequencies) and Alex Chahine have played in other projects before, experimenting with a lot of genres and sounds. The band went through many stages in order to write, record, and produce the first EP.  The National published in February an article on Gizzmo in which they wrote that the band „is the sound of Beirut’s vibrant indie music scene.“Gizzmo don’t have one sound though but many sounds.  „We wanted to have our sound. We don’t want to be anyone else, we try to be our own.“, explains Alex. The EP contains six songs telling the story of a dystopian futuristic world.

The band explains that each member is involved in writing the songs – although the lyrics are mostly written by Joy Moughanni. It is a different approach every time. While listening to System Failure you can listen those different approaches the band has taken in order to create the EP. At first they wanted to release System Failure as an album, but an EP made more sense at that time.


With each song the band becomes more and more confident in finding the right sound for Gizzmo. It is very danceable, and fun, they combined all the elements that they have juggled with and molded it into the sound that they are calling Gizzmo. On Facebook the band writes that it is a „Electronic / Funk / Alternative band, combining the power of synthesis and raw sound into a new original composition.“ This sound that they have created comes from this diverse background that the trio is made of.

„It came naturally, nothing was forced. It is because of our mix of our different backgrounds. Between Punkish, Jazz, Oriental, you can hear this mixture in our sound“

acknowledges Joy Moughanni. The band played a lot of performances since they have released the debut EP. They love to perform live – and they are never giving the same performance twice. He further explains that: „It is a completely different experience when we play live, we try to change the sounds every time.“

The band chose to write the songs in English because mostly from experience. Most of the time they listened to English music such as The Gorillaz and Air. Alex Chahine explains that: „it came naturally, most of the songs that I listened to was in English and most of our influences are in English, we didn’t think about it, we wrote in English.“ The songs are in English and not in Arabic but the band is open to the idea of writing songs in Arabic as well, if it works for them.

With the release of the EP they got quite a lot attention in Beirut’s busy music scene. They are now writing new material and hoping to release it very soon. Nevertheless this doesn’t stop them to perform at the Melonhead Music Festival this year on July 29.

If you are interested in reading more on Gizzmo you can click here and here.



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